Installment Procedure

Installment Procedure And Terms of purchase items through installments

Installment Procedure: Buyer must prove their financial status by paying the price of the items in installments And one of the guarantors has to be provided for  the satisfaction to the firm who will take the Responsibility for the installments paid by the purchaser

Purchased items not returned or exchanged

Installment Procedure: The items sold will remain the property of the firm till the payment of all the installments and the buyer will use them as a deposit. In case of nonpayment of installment, the firm can take it back and use it for further compensation.

Buyers will do the monthly payment of installment until the due date By check at the representative Lease Hub office And get the receipt.

If the buyer does not pay any installments on time and so on the firm have to send them to a representative for collection The cost of transportation will be borne by the buyer along with the installment stamped receipt

If according to the law, the purchase agreement is required with the stamped receipt then the buyer will be responsible for the expenses

The firm will have the authority if the buyer is unable to pay the installments and  if the person responsible is unable to pay its installments If he does not do or refuses to pay, then all kinds of legal action against him

In non-payment installments only, in any other case related to the items purchased through installments, if the firm has to take any legal or judicial action, the cost will be borne by the buyer.

If the parties to the goods disagree on the payment of installments or any other related matter and the parties cannot resolve the matter amicably by mutual consent, the matter will be referred to a regional market association, the decision of which will be binding on the parties.

Installment Procedure:

In case of non-payment of installments, the contract of purchase of goods will be at the discretion of the firm, and if the firm does not cancel the contract or if it gives more time to the buyer to pay the installments or alters the amount in installments for the convenience of the buyer. The agreement will not be adversely affected

The firm will have the option to take into account the buyer’s circumstances and facilities Make appropriate adjustments in terms of payment rate and number of installments but this change will be in writing and the purchaser will not have any right to do so

In case the installment is late from the due date The Inquiry Inspector can collect the installment from the customer’s home at any time۔

Checks will be required

In case of return of check, charges of Rs.500 / – will have to be paid

The fee received will be non-refundable

Note. Administrator Elected Representatives are authorized to cancel any installment form without giving a reason which the customer will not object to.

The electricity bill of the applicant’s house which will be paid this month or in the previous month

If the applicant has his own business, it is necessary to get a guarantee from him

If the applicant is a slave of a company, then his identity card and office card must be original and photocopy

If the applicant is a government employee, it must be secured from close one from  home

Necessary for guarantee

To have known the applicator  personally for many years

He must be familiar with every word and deed record of the applicator

If the bailiff has to pay  the installments of the bail, he should gladly pay

Must have a guaranteed identity card and office card