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  • Anex AG-3071 Deluxe Oven Toaster 16,300

    Elegant design high power deluxe oven with adjustable thermostate control form Oc to 250c, Convenient heat operating switch for variable heating postion with 60 minutes automatic timer to turned off.

    3 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-115CHZ Microwave Oven 27,000

    64 Built-in Pakistani recipes, Free Cook Book DVD by Chef Mehboob, Free tawa for making Naan, taftaan, Pizza, etc, Child-safety lock, Convection function for baking, Deodorizer for odor removal, 25 liters

    2 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-128G Microwave Oven 21,200

    Capacity: 26 Liters. Microwave Power Output: 900W, Rated Input Power (Grill): 1000W

    80 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-131HP Microwave Oven 21,600

    27 Built-in Pakistani recipes, Free cook book DVD developed by Chef Gulzar, Deodorizer for odor removal, Child-safety lock, Speed & auto defrost

  • Dawlance DW-132DIGI Microwave Oven 21,800

    Capacity: 30 Liters: Microwave Power Output: 900W

    30 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-136G Microwave Oven 25,200

    Digital Control Panel, Grill Function, Deodorizer, 6 Built In Recipes, Weight / Time Defrost, LED Display, 5 Microwave Power Settings

    60 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-142HZP Microwave Oven 28,100

    27 Built-In Recipes, Capacity 42 Liters, Insect Repellent & Deodorize Function, Digital Control Panel, Child Lock, Power: 1000 Watts, Oven Grill Function, Attractive LED display, Digital Control Panel

    10 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-210S Microwave Oven 13,000

    Capacity: 20 Liters: Microwave Power Output: 700W

    2 in stock

  • Dawlance DW-295 Microwave Oven 14,000

    27 Built-in Pakistani recipes, Child-safety lock, Deodorizer for odor removal, Stainless steel slice on Door, Push button door, Express cooking

    2 in stock

  • Dawlance MD-10 Microwave Oven 13,000

    7 Built-in Pakistani Recipes, Stainless Steel Slice On Door, Easy Grip Door, Express Cooking

    30 in stock

  • Dawlance MD-4B Microwave Oven 12,900

    Capacity: 20 Liters, Microwave Power Output: 700W, Never worry about defrosting ever again, because Dawlance MD 4 (B) with amazing heating capabilities, Enjoy your meal, while it’s still steamy and delicious.

    60 in stock

  • Dawlance MD15 Microwave Oven 20Litter 12,800

    Microwave Oven for heating and defrosting food for a small Pakistani family. Still steamy and delicious.

    2 in stock

  • Dawlance Microwave MD-7 Built-in Recipes Oven 13,300

    Buy the Dawlance microwave built-in recipes – brownies – chicken masaala – chicken pulao – daal makhni – hot cofee – tea oven. At the best price on Lease Hub in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Dawlance Microwave Oven Air fryer 550-AF for Health Conscious People 32,000

    Buy the microwave oven, low noise, 30 Litters. At the best price at Lease Hub in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Dawlance Microwave Oven DW-374 Cook King Series 18,000

    Buy the Dawlance microwave oven sleek design, aesthetics & high-performance systems. At the best price on Lease Hub in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Dawlance Microwave Oven DW162-HZP made the Food Tastes Better 32,000

    Buy the Dawlance microwave oven and experience the joys of cooking & eating meals. At the best price at Lease Hub in Lahore, Pakistan.

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